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About SuspendNow!

SuspendNow! is the only existing application that you can use to put your Mac in "Safe Sleep" mode with a simple  double click without replacing the "Sleep" command of the Apple Menu.

The "Safe Sleep" mode was introduced by Apple in the latest Powerbooks G4.
It saves all the RAM memory datas to the Hard Disc and Shuts Down the computer, so at the next start-up the Mac starts, after some seconds, in the exact state that it was at the shutdown, with applications and documents opened, without wasting the battery, as happens when using the normal "Sleep"  function, that "freezes" the RAM, continuing to use some power of the battery.

Apple uses this technique, on the new PowerBooks, as a backup to the  "Sleep": if the battery haven't enough  power to maintain the "Sleep" status the  "Safe Sleep" is activated.

In Mac OS X 10.4.3  all the software needed to use the  "Safe Sleep" mode is included also on some other Mac models and someone found a setting to use the "Safe Sleep"  mode instead of the "Sleep".

SuspendNow! allows to put the Mac in the "Safe Sleep" mode, with a simple double click, without replacing the normal Sleep mode.
It can be also extremely useful to desktop Macs owners:  può anche essere estremamente utile ai possessori di Mac fissi: with SuspendNow! you can shut-down your computer and then start-up it in in a very little amount of time.

SuspendNow, was certified as "Secure Software" from the Softpedia's Mac team.

Certificazione di Softpedia

Download SuspendNow!
Version 0.8

System Requirements:
-Mac OS X 10.4.3
-A compatibile Mac 

Size: 956 KB

SuspendNow! isn't yet at his definitive version and will be surely enhanced in the future.
I'm also compiling a list of the compatible macs.

You're strongly invited to send me comments about your experience witn SuspendNow, including, if it's possible, your Mac datas.

Jack Overfull