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iconGalactic Frontier
Galactic Frontier is a freeware
(so gratuit)easy to use, turn-based strategy game; it supports up to four players, humans or “bots". This game was made in the 1994 from the Human Media Ltd. I normally don't like the turn-based strategy games, but i often play this one.
NOTE: the game runs bad on the G4 based Macs: it became very easy to win. It works perfectly on the G3s and earlier, on any system version from the 4.1 (Mac OS X Classic Environment included). I haven't tested it on G5 macs.
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iconLunar Siege 3D
A good shareware game of same years ago but, I don't know why, it can no longer be downloaded from any site and the Aeon Software, the Software House that made the game appears to be vanished.
Unfortunately you must own a Mac that can run in Mac OS 8 or 9, because it don't work on OS X.
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MacGame n° 2
A collection of old games that i gained whit my mather's Mac SE. They are all Sharewares or Freeware s and a lot of these can't be found anywhere on the web. This is the original installer but,  if it don't work, drag it on StuffIt Expander.
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